Tuesday, September 22, 2015

HDTV For Free - or Cutting the Cord

I didn't know what to expect when I decided to try an HD Antenna at a rural home in the middle of a corn field in Ohio. But one thing was for sure, I was NOT going to pay for Direct TV at $69.00 a month at a home that we were only going to be at for a short time! I also did not want to be locked into a one or two year contract. So this is what I did...

Before I left for our trip I ordered the antenna and had it shipped to my destination. It was the:

Winegard Flatwave Non-Amplified HDTV Indoor Antenna FL5050C from Costco at a one time expense of $29.99 + tax. It has an Ultra Thin Clear Design, and includes a 15' Coaxial Cable. It was very easy to install. I attached the coaxial cable to the "antenna in" spot on the back of my tv, and placed the antenna which looks like a square placemat in the window and secured it with double stick tape that came in the box. Next I turned the tv on, searched the menu for a scan channel button and managed to pick up 22 stations on my first try! It can pick up HD signals up to 35 miles away.

I was able to get ABC, CBS, NBC and several others. So if you are looking for an alternative to expensive cable or satellite tv bills, you might just want to give this handy contraption a try!  They have a beefier model that can pick up stations up to 60 miles away. 

I got mine at COSTCO, but there seems to be a run on them right now and they are currently out of stock. But I am sure that they can  be found online or at a local store such as Best Buy or Walmart.

So the lesson  here?  If you are not a huge tv junky, cut the cord and get a HDTV antenna and watch tv for free!

Ta ta for now...save money!