Monday, January 16, 2012

iTunes U

Did you know that you can increase your memory by actively learning, reading and listening? On Apple iTunes U, there are more than 800 universities that have active iTunes U sites. About half of these institutions — including Stanford, Yale, MIT, Oxford, and UC Berkeley — distribute their content publicly on the iTunes Store.

In the Beyond Campus section of iTunes U, students can  access a wealth of content from distinguished entities such as MoMA, the New York Public Library, Public Radio International, and PBS stations.

For institutions that have a larger mission to spread knowledge, there’s no better way to connect with people who are ready to learn than with an iTunes U site. Anyone with iTunes and access to the Internet can benefit from an institution’s wealth of information. I may not be able to get a degree, but what's stopping me from learning and stretching my knowledge of the world? Maybe I will try to learn a new language!
I can't wait to see what free knowledge is available to me!
Ta ta for now...