Sunday, January 15, 2012

LG Electronics Times Square Moment

In previous posts I mentioned that I had entered the LG Electronics "Time Square Moment" Contest. I ended up being one of the 10 who had their photo broadcast in Time's Square on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, since I live on the west coast, I was never able to see it flash on the screen and I have been unable to find any pictures or videos of it. I would have loved to have been there to experience it in person and to hear the crowd's reaction. My daughter, on the other hand, who is pictured with the Naked Cowboy would have been mortified!

Here is my photo, and following it is the fb transcript announcing the winner.

Dayeanne with the Naked Cowboy, Times Square 8/16/07.

This is LG's post from facebook on January 7th, 2012.  I especially liked the battle of the words from the winner and the runner up accusing each other of cheating!

Ta ta for now...

"This past New Year's Eve, ten lucky winners from the Times Square Moment picture contest had their photos shown on the billboard in Times Square, New York City!

Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner, Jose Angeles, who also won a brand new LG Cinema 3D LED TV."

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Dawn Skalba congrats nice prize
January 7 at 9:55am · Like ·  3

Matthew Chapski I wish I had a LG because Sony sucks
January 7 at 10:00am · Like ·  2

Al Castro congratulations so movies at your pad now
January 7 at 10:04am · Like ·  1

Joseph Maffei LG customer service sucks
January 7 at 10:04am · Like

Adam Renner I Have 2 LG TVS .. There the BEST !! :) Congrats to the winner..and enjoy :)
January 7 at 10:05am · Like ·  2

Joseph Maffei My vizio kicks any lg tv's ass. and their customer service sucks
January 7 at 10:16am · Like

Ramakrishna Rao MV ‎201C006C0069006B0065201D
January 7 at 11:09am via mobile · Like

David Espinosa Congratulation!!!! They finally announced the winner.
January 7 at 11:39am · Like

Mark Romero Lucky him
January 7 at 11:58am · Like

Nikki Pelotte Follow these steps 
1. cover your mouth with your hand
2. whisper a wish into ur hand
3. post this onto ten other comments
4. now look at your hand
January 7 at 1:07pm · Like

Jhada Lee Congrats Jose Angeles, enjoy your new LG Cinema 3D LED TV!
January 7 at 8:06pm · Like

Cynthia Chambers Congrats!!
January 7 at 10:27pm · Like

José Alberto Angeles Veloz Dixie, I think that's what you did. Because I saw like 3 times an increment of like 200 votes on your picture in matter of minutes. I worked too hard and it took me a lot of time trying to get all my friends to vote everyday for me. So look at yourself before you point out fingers. We can run the contest again and I can guarantee you a will beat your up again. Just check all the comments and the likes I also got there. If I really bough them I don't think they will bother leaving comments of liking the picture too!!! Thanks and Have a NICE one!!!
January 8 at 3:33pm · Like ·  1

José Alberto Angeles Veloz How then also I got like 160 Comments and 236 likes throughout the whole competition on my picture, while you just had 30 comments and 140 likes on your picture!!!
January 8 at 3:37pm · Like ·  1

Irene Z Hutton Congratulations to the grand prize winner! It was a fun contest. I wish that I had been in NY to see my daughter's photo broadcast to the crowd. Is there any type of video on youtube or anything so that we can see all of the pictures shown on the large screen? Thanks LG!!!
January 8 at 4:10pm · Like ·  2

José Alberto Angeles Veloz Yeah, I tried to go to TS but i had to work that night. I hope I can find a video or anything about it!!!
January 8 at 4:39pm · Like

José Angeles Veloz Dixie... that happens when you face someone who has friends...just came out of your hands...Good Luck for the Next Time!!! Congratulation Bro!!!
January 8 at 6:08pm · Like

Keller Dwight How many Jose Veloz are there?
January 8 at 6:13pm · Like

Salvador Young They're bros duh
January 8 at 6:19pm · Like ·  1

Dee Smith The real Jose again next time delete Mary Williams!!! :) I seen it too :)
January 9 at 6:31am · Like

Celeste May yup
January 9 at 7:05pm · Like