Friday, November 25, 2011

My Black Friday

I spent a relaxing Black Friday at home, doing laundry, putting away the last of my Thanksgiving dishes and shopping online. At Barnes & Noble I scored 30% off one item (I always check for discounts) and by using my daughters membership received free shipping. I also bought some funky t-shirts at and found a buy 2 get one free for Christmas code on their own website (I found a free shipping code from RetailMeNot). Bam, 3 more gifts, free shipping! 

I did venture out at around 3 pm to do some regular shopping, and just in case I took my Target coupons with me. I bought myself a pj set on sale for $10.00, plus I had a $3.00 off coupon. Sold to the lady over fifty, for $7.00 dollars! I had other good coupons, but nothing I saw was interesting. Of course the cool offer was a $25.00 itunes card on sale for $20.00, but I realized too late that that was one of the doorbuster, get out of bed in the dark and go in your pajamas sale items. Oh well!!!

My day ended at Ralph's looking for their brand of soda water. Now there's where it looked like black friday! Big gaping holes on the shelves where product should be. I got the last litre bottle of club soda, and the last 3 bags of sugar free mint patties for my husband. With the candies, I got the last one in the display box then stood on my tipi-toes where I saw 2 more bags loose, way back on the shelf. I must have looked pretty silly standing on my toes, using the box as a grabber to pull the candy to where I could reach it!

Now I am home and I will set my alarm for bright and early Saturday morning. I will actually venture out to several stores to check out their sales. Big Lots has two cute, but poorly made, chairs that I would like. I hope to find some deals at Michael's so that I can earn a $25.00 credit on my American Express statement. If I spend exactly $25.00, it will all be free. I hope people like getting crafty stuff for Christmas! If I am still awake and not too tired, there is a As Seen On TV warehouse sale that should prove to be very interesting. If the prices are lower that what I have seen at Walmart, I will be  picking up some gifts there as well.

So, the shopping begins. Hopefully I will be done soon so that I can relax into the Holiday Season!

Ta ta for now...