Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mystery Shoppers

"Mystery Shopping"; Now this is one job that I have not tried yet that sounds very interesting! I met a young woman who told me that she had done some mystery shopping and found it very rewarding. She filled me in on the responsibilities. She would go to her assigned stores and then rank them on everything from store cleanliness, response time and salesperson helpfulness. The employees never know that you are there doing a secret test! I don't even think that you have to really buy anything, just act as a prospective buyer.

The other kind of mystery shopper can be a diner. You actually get paid to eat at various restaurants and then rank them! Sometimes you can even take another diner with you. This all sounds very interesting, although it could lead to gaining a lot of weight! Perhaps I will do some research on how one gets into doing these things when my schedule slows down a bit and I will definitely find the ways to avoid being scammed. I do know that there are legitimate organizations out there that do not require you to pay a fee.

Do your research, ask a lot of questions, then take a chance. Until then, I will just have to remain an unpaid shopper!

Ta Ta for now...