Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

Well today is Earth Day! A day to broaden our knowledge about the environment and to participate in ways to protect and defend it. You can't really solve a problem until you acknowledge that there is one, so I urge everyone to take some time to become aware of their world around them and to find some way to participate in preserving it. 

Here are some of the small ways I try to help with the environment:
  • Recycling paper, plastic and glass
  • Bringing my own shopping bags to the store
  • Carpooling
  • Buying used clothing at thrift and vintage stores
  • Replacing home lighting with CFL and other led and low voltage light bulbs
  • Saving electricity by turning off lights when not in rooms
  • Using my coffee grounds in my garden
  • Eating and buying more local food from farmer's markets
Click here for a list of Earth Day Freebies. There is everything from free coffee from Starbucks and Caribou to free trees at Lowe's

Get involved in your neighborhood and your green life!

Ta Ta for now...