Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunamis and Earthquakes

The recent earthquake in Japan and the ensuing Tsunami seem to be the most current of the natural disasters that have been rocking our world lately. Although not directly affected, I do live on the West Coast and there have been tsunami warnings of potential swells on our coast, but so far there hasn't been anything significant. Basic requests by officials have been to stay off the beaches and out of the water to avoid possible dangerous undertows and currents.

Seeing all the videos and moments caught by this event have been very unsettling. We live in an earthquake zone and I am always wondering when the "big one" will hit. It can't help but weigh somewhere in the back of my mind. And the devastion to the north east coast of Japan is horrific. My feelings and thoughts go out to all the Japanese citizens and their families.

I do know a person who is in Tokyo, Japan currently with a tour of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". They were watching a performance of "Beauty and the Beast" in Japanese, and as the "Be Our Guest" song started, the earthquake hit! They left the theatre, and the performance was cancelled. Other than the trains being shut down, it was reported that everyone was behaving in a calm and orderly fashion. They were given a ride home that took a very long time and electricity was out, but other than being literally "shaken up", they are all fine.

Their production of Joseph stars American Idol star Anthony Federov and runs through March 14. I am sure that they will be relieved to come home after such an adventure!

Ta Ta for now...