Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Discount Leather Sofas

Yes, I learned the hard way that cheaper is not better! I had a nice "L-shaped" leather sofa that was extremely comfortable and sat quite a few people. My husband, the quintessential "couch potato" wore right through the leather back in his favorite spot and the couch was looking a little sad. So when I saw my current couch, new was very appealing, it was a good price and it said "real leather". I especially like the fact that it had loungers built right in. I bit! Big mistake. It turns out it is really bonded leather. Here is wikipedia's definition of bonded leather:
"There are different types of bonded leather, but the type being used on upholstered furniture today is a polyurethane or vinyl product, backed with fabric and then a layer of latex or other material mixed with a small percentage of leather fibers in the product's backing material. The actual leather content of bonded leather varies from manufacturer and the quality they are presenting. The polyurethane surface is stamped to give it a leather-like texture. In the home furnishings industry there is much debate[1] and controversy over the ethics of using the term "bonded leather" to describe a vinyl upholstery product."

My leather cracked and literally broke off of the fabric to which it is bound. I feel like such  a sucker :(. I guess it is a good thing that I didn't spend too much, but  now the guilt of buying some other sofa to replace this one after 2 years or so is pulling me in different directions. I have a friend who is an interior designer and she said she could have a good quality sofa built for me. I also learned that Arizona Leather has a clearance warehouse in Chino where real leather sofas can be purchased at  really great prices.
4235 Schaefer Ave.
Chino, CA 91710
(909) 993-5101

Oh, what to do, what to do?  If the economy picks up, and I feel more secure with my finances I just might take the chance and buy a new, high quality, longer lasting sofa. Maybe I should consider getting one done in chenile and just skip leather since I won't be able to change my husband's tv watching habits!

Ta Ta for now...
Maybe these would be a good option until I decide?