Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Shopping MisHap

Well, I did not  blog for a couple of weeks as I was travelling in the Midwest to help my daughter get settled into her first apartment for the Spring college semester. A lot happened during those two weeks!

The move-in was mostly successful. The biggest disappointment was that the air mattress that I wrote about in a previous post did not work out as planned. It was a great concept that had several flaws. First, since it had an inflatable frame and an inflatable queen sized mattress that fit inside that frame it totally took over her room and didn't leave enough extra space. (Note to self, next time get room measurements!). We made it up with the bedding and after sleeping on it she said it absorbed the cold air around her and felt cool all night. (I thought the flocked surface would fix that, but apparently not). Thirdly, she said when she woke up in the morning the frame had mostly deflated. (And yes, I saw it and it had.) So the next day at Ikea, we ended up buying the most inexpensive full sized pine frame and modest mattress (that was like a thick futon) that we could. Because it was more than we had anticipated spending, my daughter traded the inexpensive desk we were supposed to buy for a bed!

The sales people that I purchased the bed from online were extremely kind and understanding and said I could send it back. I didn't even try to get it back in the box. I got confirmation from them today that they had credited my account less a 10% restock fee because they said they successfully inflated it and they detected no problems. I guess that they are used to these things and know more about the mechanisms than us and I could perhaps chalk it up to operator error, but who knows for sure. That was a fairly expensive mistake however, because it cost me $30.00 to ship it back since it was so heavy and they don't refund the freight. I lost around $68.00 on the deal. Darn!!!

Now I will just have to shop even smarter to make up my losses, or perhaps just stop shopping!

Ta Ta for now..
Inflatable bed on right wall.
Pine bed on left wall with two side tables.