Friday, December 10, 2010

Thinking of my Dad

Yesterday marked the 6th Anniversary of the passing of my Dad. It certainly doesn't feel that it could possibly be that long ago, yet there it is. My dad was not very healthy the last couple years of his life, and by today's standards he died relatively young. He died a week before his 77th birthday.

His service in the military took it's toll. Although the government would never admit it, we always felt that he had been exposed to Agent Orange during his tour in Vietnam which resulted in some of the deterioration and debilitation of his body over the years. That, coupled with his bad heart, which ultimately failed him was the ultimate cause of his death.

Hey Dad, I always take a moment to think of you and thank you for driving me around to all of my activities in my youth and for bringing me donuts you snagged at work! I Love you!

Ta Ta for now...