Thursday, December 2, 2010

Facebook Couponing

If you are on facebook and love a shopping bargain, you should be following "WickedCoolDeals" and "The Thrifty Couple" at the minimum. There are several others, but after a while they all seem to be duplicating the same information, so follow whichever one you like. If Christmas shopping is high on your list, and why shouldn't it be when it is only 22 days away, you can snag some great bargains.

Last night I purchased an eight piece towel set from JC Penney, valued at $50.00, for only $3.25! They will be a Christmas gift for my mom. Even if she doesn't like them, or even hates them, I've only lost three bucks! Hopefully though she will think they are great and we will both be happy!

Keeping a sharp eye!

Ta Ta for now...