Friday, December 3, 2010

A UPS Christmas!

There are definite advantages to shopping online.  This is the first time that I can even think of that I can say that I am almost done with my Christmas shopping and there are still 3 weeks until the big event!  Usually I am only now thinking about starting!  It is very exciting to open the front door and have packages or padded envelopes gracing my doorstep. It's almost like Christmas just guessing who they are from and what is inside. The vendors do a very good job of disguising the packaging to discourage mail or post theft I imagine.

Now comes the daunting task of wrapping! Tonight on my way home from work I stopped at Dollar General to buy adorable Holiday boxes in different sizes - lingerie, shirt and robe sizes. They should be perfect for the clothing items I have bought so far and I don't even have to wrap them! I even got red & green tissue paper for cushion and a package of stick-on labels. The damages? Just like the name says, one dollar apiece and the boxes come in two or threes! So for less than $10.00 I have a good start on wrapping and a small assortment of stocking stuffers. Who doesn't scramble to find affordable stocking stuffers?

Dollar stores are a great place to shop for incidentals. They fall under various names: Dollar General, The Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, .99 cent Store, Family Dollar and so forth. Some even have online stores! Let's hope I don't need too many more boxes!

Ta Ta for now...