Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Palm Desert Life

I don't mean to camp on the people that live in Palm Desert. I am sure that it is a phenomenon that happens in any area where there is wealth combined with retirement. For some reason however, I was really shocked by how many elderly women had face lifts or some kind of facial work done and by how obvious it was.  It was actually kind of scary. Women driving, shopping, walking or at the theatre who were well dressed, well coiffed, too thin and with faces that were just too tight. As if that weren't enough, they had an odd glistening texture to them. My sister thought some were the result of a face peel because supposedly it changes the texture of the skin.

Perhaps when you live in an environment where it is so easily and readily accepted it is natural to blend in. Since it is a big resort town it's natural to feel comfortable walking around in golf clothes or tennis outfits, even if you don't play the sport.

I think it is great that people want to stay and look healthy and young. But at what point do you just say I like a few wrinkles and puffs that show my life experiences? I suppose it's just obvious to an outsider, but to me, if the work is that obvious perhaps you went a little too far.

I hope I have the good sense and self esteem to accept my wrinkles and old age with grace and dignity as I ease into the golden years, or at least can pick procedures that don't alter my face and skin to such extremes. Only time will tell.

Ta Ta for now...