Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Drive By Shooting

Nope! Not what you thought!

On the hour and 1/2 drive back from Palm Desert we came across a very tiny Indian Casino called "Cahuilla". It advertised a casino and a grill and we thought that it would be a fun adventure to stop and have lunch there.

We were so amused by its tiny nature and tentlike structure that as we crossed the street to the front door my sister decided to snap a picture with her cell phone. Bad idea! A security guard lady rushed out of the doors and barked at us that there were no photos allowed to be taken of the casino. We were astounded and shocked, apologized, and said we didn't realize that that wasn't allowed (jeez, we were on the outside and couldn't even see in). We weren't even sure that the picture had snapped because neither my sister or I can see details without our reading glasses and it was too windy to hear a camera click.

We embarrasingly went in, continued to have a wonderful little lunch, quickly lost $5.00 each on the machines and went back to the car. We were giggling so hard over that strange encounter that I joked that she should lean out of the car window while we drove off and take another photo. She picked up on that and said that it would be a drive-by shooting!

So we did, we laughed, we continued down the drive and I pulled to the curb so she could take a different picture of the casino moving street sign perched on boulders. All the while we joked that security would come after us for who knows what reason, since no one could seem to tell us why! Since they have such security concerns, I opted not to post a picture, you'll just have to go and see for yourself.

Ta Ta for now...