Monday, November 29, 2010

No Pride!

I am just as hard to shop for as my husband, so when he asked me what I wanted for Christmas I had to think long and hard. Finally I came up with an idea, I want mini muffin pans! Crazy right! I even told him he could buy them at Walmart and for  how much. Of course I couldn't stop there, when I saw them advertised in the Sunday newspaper for even less at Target ($3.87 instead of $8.00 at Walmart) I just couldn't resist sharing the news!

What was his response? "Enough already, I already bought them!". I laughed so hard and responded back that I wouldn't say another word unless I saw them for buy one, get one free. I didn't really spoil the surprise - I already told him I wanted them. At least now I know I will actually get them!

I can hardly wait to make pint sized cupcakes and muffins. That way I can stretch my budget by baking in miniature and also cut down on the calorie intake. Woo Hoo!

Ta Ta for now...