Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Not only did I get to see and hear Josh Groban in Palm Desert, but my ticket price also included his new CD in the cost! I received them yesterday, the day of the release delivered directly to my address. Now talk about a deal! I read online that some stores didn't even have the CD in stock. Major disappointment to some fans I am sure. I know it was  available online in itunes.

I guess every once in a while a person can get lucky. Now if I had only had the sense to get several tour t-shirts I probably would have been able to sell one at a profit. It never even occurred to me to buy more than one at $30.00 a pop. I just bought one for my own enjoyment and wouldn't even have known how to sell a second one and gouge a complete stranger. Sometimes you just have to enjoy life for face value!

Ta Ta for now...