Monday, November 22, 2010

Back Again!

I haven't posted in a while. Two reasons. One, I don't know if anyone actually reads this stuff or cares, and two, I guess I reached writer's block!

The couponing has been working out well. Saturday my husband and I went grocery shoppping at Ralph's, particularly to buy our Thanksgiving turkey. We saved over $45.00 by combining manufacturer coupons with store coupons that were doubled. We used our $33.00 in loyalty earned dollars and got an additional $5.00 off for spending over $75.00. Not hard to do when shopping for a big feast! The 20 pound turkey ended up costing only $5.00. Whew! Now I leave the cooking up to my husband. Something new to tackle this year is transporting the bird to my sister's house. She is hosting, and for the first time in forever, I won't have the mess and cleanup at my house!

Ta Ta for now...