Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Am I Turning Into My Dad?!

We used to always joke that our Dad would drive anywhere to save a buck or to get something for free!  I would classify him as cheap as opposed to my frugality. He and my mom would drive hours to sit through boring presentations in order to receive a free gift of questionable quality.

This occurred to me the other day on my quest to redeem a coupon for free perfume samples.  It took an internet search to find a JC Penney that has added a "Sephora" makeup area in-store. After finally finding one, they didn't have any samples so the salesperson made up two for me by squirting a couple of squirts of the prized elixir into small vials. Big Deal! It probably will evaporate or leak out before I get a chance to use it!

I guess one major difference is that when my dad did this, gas was probably only 29 cents a gallon versus the 2.89 a gallon I pay! Even driving a prius doesn't quite justify the trip other than forcing me into a mall and giving me shopping ideas. Oh well! Live and learn!

Ta Ta for now...