Monday, November 15, 2010

Deal Hunting

I have been checking facebook for discount advice, signed up for emails from my favorite vendors and have used for additional coupon discounts while looking for Christmas bargains. Here is what I have come up with and used so far, although I can't give out too many item details because family members may be checking by my blog and I don't want to blow the surprise!

  • I went to the Disney Store to buy one gift, and when I asked the clerk if they had the toy I was looking for he said no. When I told him my 20% discount would expire soon he gave me a coupon for free shipping online. So by shopping online I saved a total of $18.85! Not bad at all! 
  • I received a free gift when I ordered my work paper supplies online at Staples. 
  • I bought 8 pairs of semi-precious stone earrings valued at $479.60 and only paid for the shipping amount of $35.70. They will come in soon and I will see what kind of quality they are. Hopefully I won't be disappointed.
  • I had a GAP 30% off discount code, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything I liked as gifts for others. I know that there will be more discounts coming up.
  • I have an Urban Outfitter code that I am waiting to use in the next couple of days. Just waiting to see if something better than 10% off shows up!
  • I collected 2 perfume samples which wasn't a total bust because that was the day I got the free shipping coupon from the Disney Store
Despite my dislike of shopping, especially going to malls and hunting for parking, I have manage to capitalize on some savings. A lot of it has to do with the challenge of bargain hunting!

Ta Ta for now...