Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving To All!

GOBBLE! GOBBLE! At least I will try not to gobble too much today! This will be the first time since I can remember that my husband and I are not hosting Thanksgiving. We are still cooking the turkey, but then we will be transporting it 45 miles south to my sister's house. 

Although my husband loves to cook the meal and all of our traditional, wonderful side dishes such as candied carrots, cinnamon apples, sweet potatoes and on and on, I am thankful for the break! For me it involves days of preparation in getting the house clean, tables laid out that will sit the family of up to 17, including kiddies, and collecting enough dishes and chairs for all!

Then the guest start to arrive and you wonder if they will all get there in time to be seated as the food hits the table. After days of preparation, you finally get to eat (at which point you are too exhausted to) and before you know it the meal is over and everyone is full. Put the afternoon into reverse, clear the dishes, scrape the plates, stack the dishwasher, put leftovers away, hand wash the silverware. If lucky I have three sisters and maybe a daughter-in-law that will help. Where are those nieces that eat here every year? Oh yeah, they show up in the kitchen for a plate of leftovers to take home!

The past couple of years I just do the basics and leave a lot of it until morning. Just don't leave food out for the ants is all I say!  All in all I really do enjoy the holiday, it is just such a crazy busy one. This year is also sad because my daughter is abroad at school and doesn't even have a relative near to crash at for the holiday. I am sure she will have her own adventure and I look forward to hearing about it!

Ta Ta for now...
My husband's favorite - Chocolate Angel Strata!
Pie crust, meringue, solid chocolate with a final layer of fresh whipped cream blended with chocolate!