Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday - Cyber Friday

Count me OUT! I will not be setting the alarm for o'dark thirty, looking for parking spaces or  fighting crowds. I will be watching pricing intently online and in circulars, but with the economy as bad as it has been, I expect sales and bargains to be around all the way up to Christmas!

I have had boxes arriving from my earlier online purchases, and so far I am very happy. I still have a few more ideas to come up with, but I already feel comfortable with my purchases and will not beat myself up if I happen to see something now being offered for less. That can drive a person crazy! I was already very careful to hunt for the lowest prices on and Google shopping, and then combined that with coupons and discount codes found on RetailMeNot. I did my due diligence.

To those of you who love the hunt - God Speed and safe shopping!

Ta Ta for now...