Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Target Coupons!

I have finally made a dent in my Christmas shopping. By combining target store coupons with manufacturer's coupons I estimate that I have already saved over $20.00. I never knew that Target had store coupons available online that you can print and then shop with. Just go to their website, click on coupons at the very bottom under "Target Stores". You can then sort by category so that you don't get overwhelmed! They sometimes have over 30 pages of coupons.

By using the special Target Christmas, toy catalog and my manufacturer coupons, I paired them all up at home and then had a focused jaunt through the toy aisle.  I must admit, however, that my last two trips have been more like a scavenger hunt to actually locate the toys.  They don't have much staff on hand, so thank goodness they have a price scanner at aisles to help with pricing!

I still have some more shopping to do. But I do prefer to do it online. So far I have ordered from The Disney Store, Urban Outfitters, Chico's and will soon order online from Macy's. I have yet to pay freight, and I have also used coupons found at RetailMeNot and from store emails. That's the way to do it if you can!

Ta Ta for now...