Saturday, October 16, 2010

You Feel Old When...

Tell me if these things have ever happened to you, and I will tell you that you are getting older!

1. You buy liquor of any kind: soft, hard, you name it at the grocery store and when you read the receipt it says "bypass identification".
2. You sign up for something online, and when it's time to enter your year of birth you have to keep scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling...
3. The bagger at the grocery store calls you ma'am.
4. People talk loudly at you like you are deaf or something.
5. The only men that seem to look at you are in their 80s (not that I'm looking, it's just an observation!).
6. Your reading glasses are now a permanent feature on your face.
7. You fart when you walk your dog and you didn't even know that you had gas.
8. You piddle your pants when you sneeze or laugh too hard.
9. You look at your driver's license and it actually doesn't seem like that bad of a picture.
10. You pull a favorite outfit from the closet and your daughter tells you it looks vintage.

I am sure that I could write down a lot more if I could remember them!

Ta Ta for now...