Friday, October 15, 2010

Leap of Faith

Last night my girlfriend and I braved the freeway to head up north to Los Angeles to see "Leap of Faith" at the Ahmanson Theater.  It stars Raul Esparza and Brooke Shields.  We were able to get $20.00 orchestra seats to this show because I am a Facebook friend of the Center Theatre Group and I saw their post advertising this special pricing.  What a bargain!  

We chose to head up early and visit the Farmer's Market on 3rd and Fairfax. I can't remember when the last time was that I was there, so I am thinking that maybe I have never been!  If I was, it had to have been when I was very young, so basically a long time ago!  We had fun browsing around the different stalls and then walked down further into the Grove outdoor mall. What a fun place to window shop! 

When we finally decided where we would eat we had to re-weave our way back to where we thought the Crepe Diner was.  Our dinner was yummy and just enough to fill us up. Then on we continued to the theatre.  I have never seen the underground parking garage so full.  We must have gone down at least 5 levels and all the parking was full. They then directed us to another garage that had to have been across the street and we travelled further into the bowels of Los Angeles. We finally found a spot, and then had to navigate our way up and up to theatre ground level.

Broadway star Raul Esparza was absolutely amazing as the con-man revival tent preacher who ends up falling in love with the coffee shop waitress that was played by Brooke Shields.  His emotional level and intensity during "Jonas' Soliloquy", which came at the end of the show, was nothing short of miraculous.  He was well worth the drive to Los Angeles. Brooke had some great line deliveries, and good stage presence, but her singing was only passable.  Surprisingly she had a fairly deep voice but a tiny vibrato. There was lack of strength in her singing and she could not sustain her notes very long. At least she didn't suck!

Finding my car on the other hand did suck! We went down four levels to where we thought we were, crossed the big divide and went down the row. No Car!  Turns out we forgot to go down two more levels on the escalator. Finally, there was my car, in spot 193 right where I left it.  Ah! adventures on a Thursday night!

Ta Ta for now...