Sunday, October 3, 2010

What A Day!

The fundraiser day was long and tiring.  When you get to the end of the evening, and you have the opportunity to have a glass of wine and all you can think of is "do they have any coffee?", you definitely know the days of youth and endless energy are over!  I suppose some of that has to do with the fact that I was lucky enough to be Kerry Butler's  driver and personal assistant while she was here and I baked over 10 dozen desert items for the event!

I did find coffee and did have the opportunity to embrace the evening and mingle with the other guests. Because it was a Broadway Celebrity concert, I met most of the evenings stars and even managed to have my picture taken with a few.  I am the tired looking one in the middle!

Ta Ta for now...

Broadway Memories Fundraiser: Kerry Butler (Hairspray, Xanandu) me, Karen Olivo (2009 Tony Winner for West Side Story, In The Heights)