Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saving on Utilities

It's great that almost everywhere you look, people are offering up cost cutting ideas.  Here's my two sense!  

To save on my electric bill I went to my utility company's website to find out what they considered the peak hours. Then I adjusted my lifestyle a little to try and take advantage.  Peak for me is 8am to 6pm. So guess what!  I do my laundry and run my dishwasher after 6pm. I reset my pool equipment to run before or after peak times. I also signed up to have a cutoff switch installed on my air. The utility company gives me a discount for them having the option to remotely shut it off.

I have replaced every bulb I can with a CFL, they pull a lot less electricity. I turn off lights in the room when I leave and I make sure my computer goes to sleep when I am not using it. I know I should power it down, but it just takes so long to restart.

If you have any more ideas to share, I would love to hear them.

Ta Ta for now...