Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TV on the Internet for Free

Who knew! You can find almost any television on the Internet for free, mostly on the wonderful website YouTube.  My daughter did some extra work over the summer on "Weeds" which airs on Showtime.  I knew about a week ago that it would be on yesterday, and had put a request out on facebook to see if anyone got Showtime (I don't) so they could tape it for me. No response.  I felt so bad.  Usually I am lucky if I see her elbow or the back of her head on some show she was lucky enough to get extra work on. This time she was almost positive that she would be visible because she was in the back seat of a 4 person roller coaster car.

Lo and behold, I went on YouTube last night and typed in the name of her episode Pinwheels and Whirligigs  and there it was!  And I saw her! all 12 seconds of her smiling face!  She spent probably 12 hours on the set that day, and it was just a fluke that they stuck her in that scene.  What a lot of work to put in on her quest to start a career!

Now I want to research all the wonderful TV shows I've heard about that were only on pay channels and I didn't see!

Ta Ta for now...

Season 6, Episode 7