Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Looking for Adventure!

Last week, my best friend and I went to see "In the Next Room or the Vibrator Play" at it's first preview at South Coast Repertory in Cost Mesa, California. There were several reasons I went to see this show. I had won two tickets on facebook (yay!) to see any of this season's shows during previews, my 20 year old daughter had heard good things about it and highly recommended it, and the description said that there was full male frontal nudity!  Hey I'm over 50 and small things excite me! No pun intended!

It was excellently written and acted, humorous, poignant and enlightening.  Who really stops to think about sexual frustration during the Victorian Era or where the concept of a vibrator came from?  There was occasional nervous laughter, silence and flat out laughing.  My friend and I were like little school girls sitting in anticipation of each scene. 

Yes the nudity finally came at the conclusion of the show.  It was not full frontal but a side glance, and to tell the truth we felt sorry for the actor who had to bare all. Curtain call happened immediately after that scene, and I joked that perhaps he would come out in a robe, smoking a cigarette. Sure enough, he came out in a robe sans cigarette!

Great show, great company, fun day out and it provided a week long barrage of asides, tidbits, private jokes and girlish giggles!

Ta Ta for now...