Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don't Call Me Cheap!

As the title of my blog suggests, I prefer to be called "thrifty"!  I am not embarrassed by this description. It carries with it an air of pre-thought and caring. By definition it means wisely economical, industrious, thriving, and prosperous.  Who wouldn't strive to have all those qualities?

If I am wisely economical I can make make my dollar stretch further!  Cheap on the other hand carries many negative connotations with which I would prefer not to be compared. Consider these definitions: inexpensive, devalued, achieved with little effort, poor quality, stingy or miserly. It's not that I don't spend money; that would be miserly. I am just careful to get the best value by shopping for discounts or the lowest prices. I have to be content with my expenditures, that they meet my expectations in both cost and quality.

So I will continue on my road to industrious living. I will recycle, reclaim and attain. I will continue to stimulate the economy, but on my terms!   I AM NOT CHEAP!!!!

Ta Ta for now...