Friday, October 8, 2010


I woke up this morning with a light stiffness in my finger joints as I made a fist. No I was not about to punch someone!  How timely that there was a news story about arthritis just this morning. It was more in reference to how being overweight is adding all kinds of ailments to American's health, even in youth. Excess weight puts stress on joints which can cause more arthritis pain. They did say that losing weight could eliminate or erase a lot of health issues. Although I do not fall into the overweight category, I do wonder if it is an over fifty ailment that I will now have to deal with.

I did go horseback riding yesterday, it was a gorgeous day! Perhaps holding back the power of a 1500 pound horse is part of the reason my hands hurt today.  I will certainly keep my eye on that!  In the mean time a hot cup of coffee and an advil sounds good!

Ta Ta for now....