Friday, October 29, 2010

Taking Surveys

Check your receipts when you shop. Just recently I got three receipts that all offered either a discount or entry into a drawing upon completion of an online survey. I don't mind spending 15 minutes online to fill out a form.  Who knows, if I enter enough of them maybe I might actually win something! My Old Navy receipt guarantees me 10% off on my  next visit.  Do I hear Christmas shopping beckoning me? You bet!

Most times the cashiers will tell you that there is a survey on the receipt, but I had no idea that there was one on my grocery receipt until I checked. I also was invited to do online surveys several years back.  Each survey that I take earns me between 10 cents and multiple dollars depending on how well I match their criteria. I take between 3 to 4 a month, so that's not so bad.

The survey website banks my credits and I can redeem them for different things.  I initially did it for American Airlines miles, but they don't participate anymore. There are other airline's mileage, and various vendors, but mostly I have redeemed them for pizza gift cards and Border's Book gift cards. Every little bit helps. I will definitely be using the Border's cards for Christmas shopping!

Ta Ta for now...