Saturday, October 30, 2010

Being Nice Has Its Rewards!

My Husband and I work together (it actually works out pretty well)! He suggested that I buy lunch for the staff since we have been fairly busy lately and a little under-staffed, so everyone is working a tiny bitter harder. I had placed coupons that came in the mail in the break room for  employees to use for lunch options. When he suggested that I get Kentucky Fried I nearly died!  With him being overweight and diabetic, and several other staffers having similar maladies, there is no way that I could morally subject them to an unhealthy lunch.  So I set out to find a healthier alternative for 10 hungry people!

I ended up choosing Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill and ordered a buffet platter. Yes they cost more, but knowing that I am encouraging a healthy meal made me decide to just go for it. I substituted grilled fish for the breaded and paired it with grilled chicken. The a-Go-Go salad also feeds 10, so there was  more than enough food to go around once you add in the rice, beans, tortilla chips, salsa, cheese, tortillas and guacamole.

My reward? When I paid for my order they handed me a receipt with a coupon good for a free Rubio's meal good up to $10.00!! Sometimes it pays to be nice!

Ta Ta for now...