Sunday, October 31, 2010

Being Mean Has Its Own Rewards!

There are two sides to every story, and appropriately there are also two sides to my personality!  Perhaps I shouldn't say that I was mean, but rather strong and persistent.  While reviewing our home cable bill, I discovered that we had been charged for the Starz channel for 8 months. I never ordered it, my husband never ordered it, yet there it was. I determined that it was probably one of those late night phone calls where they were "rewarding" us with a 3 months free viewership. Did they tell us we needed to cancel it after that time? Apparently not!!!

The young man was kind, and said that he would cancel it, but informed me that he could only go back 30 days for a credit.  I informed him that that was unacceptable. I assured him I understood that he was only doing his job and that the business practices of DirectTV were not his fault but that they were deceptive. Once a month I get mail solicitations from ATT Uverse and my local cable company, but he was unswayed and informed me again that that was all he could do. So of course I asked to speak to his supervisor.  He came back on the line and offered me five month's of credit back without me having to talk with the supervisor, whoo hoo! I then asked him to take my phone number off of the call list, because after all, there is hardly anything for free that doesn't cost you something in the long run.

So, don't take no for an answer, keep moving up the ladder, and try to get what you think is reasonable, fair and acceptable. I will have to work on my phone manners though, because I do tend to get a little agitated. But why the deceptive methods to make more money? Some companies feed on customer's old age and confusion which is exactly why I do not auto pay bills with them.  Forever the watchdog!

Ta Ta for now...