Monday, November 1, 2010

You Get What You Pay For?

OK, so finding a good price on something doesn't always guarantee that you will get the best quality. This was apparent when I ordered two horse blankets online.  They looked OK, although the leg straps and chest straps were a little wimpy looking. The sizing was also considerably off.  The 80" I ordered for the bigger horse barely stretched down the length of his back, and I could not make the leg straps long enough. The 78"  ordered for the smaller horse fit lengthwise, but it was way too big across his chest. He would have to have breast implants at a DDD to have filled the gap!

My solution, I placed the 80" on the smaller horse and will just have to send the other back. The bigger horse won't suffer, he has a blanket already, I was just looking for a lighter weight option that would work in the rain. I guess that next time I will have to read the descriptions a little better, but they did not say where they were made.  Obviously wherever they were constructed they have a different sizing system than we have here!

I know you get what you pay for!...and for something that is going to get covered in mud and manure anyway I can live with wimpy leg straps.  My best bet, to buy them on sale after winter!

Ta Ta for now...