Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shady Practices of NaturalCleanse and Diet Max!

I may be frugal, but unfortunately my husband is not. He is easily won over by commercials and ads, whereas I on the other hand trust no one. They say opposites attract, so we are a perfect example.  He got caught in a scam because he heard the ad on his favorite radio station. "Do you want to lose weight fast?" "We highly recommend *** and here is why ***". After the fact I informed him that they get paid, to push that stuff. I guess that makes him gullible?  Shouldn't we be able to trust the people we hear daily on the radio? Apparently not!

So what did he buy? He called in to get a "trial sample" of NaturalCleanse. They take your credit card to cover shipping. He wasnt' paying attention to the small print, because apparently if you don't call or email them to cancel within 14 days (which in itself is another story) they just start shipping the stuff and charging you $78.98 a bottle! Ridiculous!

After one email to the wrong company, a 20 minute phone call to a distribution center where you can't understand the operators, and a trip to the post office to send back the product "signature requested", I will have to wait and see if we get our money back.  I hate to say it, but when will people learn that there is no "quick fix" or "miracle product" to help you lose weight?  It takes time and patience. I also had to verbally shut down another operator at "Diet Max", the other pill that they say you should take in conjunction with the Natural Cleanse.  Her return and cancel instructions were so confusing that I hope I got it all correct. These company base their business on misleading and confusing people and making it very difficult to contact them by using different names and websites. 

I love my husband for trying and recognizing that he needs to lose weight. Perhaps if he just stopped eating all the candy and junk he puts in his mouth he might be successful or perhaps he should just buy a box of prunes to cleanse himself!

Ta Ta for now...

updates to this saga, after contacting the credit card company twice about unapproved charges, (every time a different company name, but basically the same amount) I had my husband cancel his card and ask that a new one be issued. These companies sell your credit card information and your email address. Besides the long enduring process of getting all of the charges off of our credit cards, I now have span email to contend with. grrrrrrr!!!

DON"T DO IT!! Go to your local health food store and buy products off the shelf that seem to do what these bogus products do. You will be much happier in the long run.