Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bargain Movie Day

I don't go to the movies that often. I can usually wait until it hits Netflix.  But since I love horses so much, I really wanted to see Secretariat on the big screen with some else's airconditioning. My husband and I had Columbus Day off, so I dragged him to the 2:15 showing. I bought his senior ticket for $8.50, I had a gift voucher, I used my Regal Points card and was rewarded with a voucher for candy for $1.00. Whew hoo!

We did splurge on the combo pack for $12.00, but upgraded the drink from a medium to a large for an extra .50 cents so that we could share the drink and popcorn. Of course I bought the dollar box of candy because I can't refuse a bargain (this is why it is so hard to keep off the extra pounds). All in all it was a nice afternoon at the movies for $21.00. Not bad for two people.

The movie was fantastic!   But a word of caution - drinking an extra large soda can make one have to " --- like a racehorse" by the end of the movie!  You get the picture!

Ta Ta for now...