Monday, October 11, 2010

Going Out of Business

On Saturday, to kill time before I saw that crazy show "Bat Boy" (which, by the way was pretty crazy!) I went to the Mall across the road from the theatre.  I was reminded that Saks Fifth Avenue was closing in that location by big sign spinners on the street. Wow! Why not? I have only stepped foot in that store twice in the 28 or so years that I have lived here. Even in New York I only went in for the experience, the thrill, the ambience, never expecting to buy anything.

But this was a "Store Closing" sale! Maybe now was my chance! What could I buy so that I could have bragging rights? Bright signs decorated every rack, every table -  "50% off lowest marked price", "70% off lowest marked price". Had I died and gone to heaven? EXCEPT when I looked at the price tags. A beautiful blouse $328.00, an interesting handbag $498.00! Are you kidding me?  I am not one of the Housewives of Orange County! Who can afford this stuff?

I finally found an area where there might be hope?  Underwear, bras, slips and nylons beckoned me.  I could use some new nylons.  I settled on a pair of Spanx, double duty leg trimming, tummy flattening hosiery. List price? - $38.00. What the heck!  I bought a couple pair at 50% off and excitedly called my husband to tell him that I had actually bought something at Saks! 

Now I can wear overpriced undergarments and even brag about it!

Ta Ta for now...