Sunday, September 19, 2010

See Spot Run!

If this means anything to you, you are definitely over 50!  I fondly remember my Dick and Jane readers in school.  That's how I learned to read.  Short, repetitive sentences that were oh so fun! See Dick run, see Jane run, see Spot run, see Spot run with Dick and Jane.  What could be simpler or more effective?

Nowadays I like to see spot run. But now it's a different kind of spot. Age spots, sun spots, brown spots or liver spots!  On those occasions that I do go out in the sun, I am always armed with the highest sunblock for my face, the largest sunglasses that can cover my eyes and face, and a baseball cap or other kind of shade creator.  But somehow I still seem to get a brown spot or two. 

I google to my delight and start reading the hundreds, no thousands of cremes, cleansers and moisturizers that are before me.  Each one pledging results.  Which to choose?  I decide to check out a heath/vitamin site and start reading the myriad of descriptions.  I settle on a 10% Glycolic Acid Cream which exfoliates and renews cells in "Mature Skin". Yep!! that's me alright! I have had pretty good success with this product.  It does slightly burn, but after a week of applying at night and generously moisturizing, the spot seems to peel away.  Perhaps it just can't stand all of the sudden attention and decides to just fade away!!

Ta Ta for now...