Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Brain is Scrambled!

Or should I say Scrabbled!  One of my fears of aging is of losing my mind! or perhaps better said, losing my memory.  To combat this I have started playing Scrabble. Since my husband won't play and there is no one else here, I have found a wonderful audience on my ipod.  Like magic there are all these people willing to trade words with me.  It has become an obsession, really. I carry that darn thing all around the house with me lest I should miss my next turn. Sometimes I have up to 10 games going.  

I also thought this would be a good way to increase my vocabulary. All I have learned so far is that I am really good at finding four letter words and that there are definitely people out there who cheat!  After some really amazing words showed up that didn't even look like words I discovered a website that will unscramble all of your letters and give you a breakdown of every word known to mankind in every length. I confess I have  used it on several occasions in retaliation to the word mongers!  But mostly I challenge myself to find the best words and highest scores.  After all what's the fun in cheating!

Ta Ta for now...