Friday, September 17, 2010

Get your Group On!

For those who know what "Groupon" is, isn't it great! It's really nice having daily bargains emailed right to you, even if most of them may not apply. For those who aren't familiar, go to and sign up for your local area.  Originally thought up as a way to get smaller, local businesses exposure, you now never know what will turn up. The concept is this:  a business decides what they want to offer discount wise, and a minimum number they would have to sell to make it worthwhile.  Then people sign up to buy it.  There is a ticker window that shows how many have sold and how many more need to be purchased before the "Deal is on.  You don't have to purchase it if enough haven't been sold.  Then you can print the coupon right off your home printer. They may also place a limit on how many they will sell, so if you want it, buy it! 

I have only tried it twice. The first time, I missed out on the bargain.  The second time I scored a $50.00  coupon from "The Gap" for only $25.00!  It was limited to one purchase per person. I don't shop at the GAP but my daughter does. Since she was shopping for college clothes anyway, it came in very handy. We also hit a sale the day we shopped, so it went a long way.

I hear it's also a great way to try out restaurants in your area. Next time my hubby and I decide we need to have a night out, I will start checking out those emails a little bit more consistently.

Ta Ta for now...