Monday, September 20, 2010

I Need Toner!

Today I needed toner.  Not for my face, but for my office fax machine!  There are several websites I visit to check the current price of ink toners.  One is and the other is  Unfortunately for me, my older Brother fax does not like compatible toners.  I could save a fortune if I could go that route or if I decided to try and refill it myself (I'm not sure I want to tackle that mess). 

I keep a small index card on each of my office machine for quick reference on toner numbers, the last time I bought it, how much and from whom.  Seeing what the going rate was, I went to the vendor I last purchased it from and discovered that not only was it the cheapest there, but that I could get free airline mileage credit.

Now I only need to purchase about 385 more toner cartridges before I earn a free flight!

Ta Ta for now....