Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Eyes Have It!

No I am not taking a Poll!  I'm just commenting on the state of my eyes,  my vision or rather my lack of vision.  Why does the eyesight start to go? I have so many reading glasses around the house it's ridiculous. I buy them in a three pack at Costco! That way if I lose them I don't feel quite so guilty.

I have my downstairs pair, the ones I use when I'm cooking in the kitchen and actually need to see the recipe. They also come in handy when reading the newspaper. Then there's the pair by my computer which seem to work best when reading the screen. And lastly there's a pair at my beside so that I can see the tiny numbers on the phone when dialing, or when I need to catch up on life on my ipod!

Heaven forbid if I accidentally take a pair either upstairs or downstairs from it's designated spot. It sends me in a panic - so there's always the two pair in my purse for back up!

Ta Ta for now...