Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow?

I'm contemplating cutting my hair soon.  Last year I decided it would be nice to try and grow longer hair again since I had always kept it fairly short.  The problem was, that it had so many layers that no matter what length it started to get it looked like a mistake.  Also, somewhere between last November and February I lost a lot of hair. Brush fulls!  It was downright scary. I have now joined the secret club of receding hairlines!  Stress? Diet? bad shampoo? Aging?  Probably all of the above.  There wasn't anything much different going on in my life but I tried to address each possibility.  To relieve stress, I tried to avoid those in my life who always seem to have drama hovering over them. Diet, eat more green stuff, fruits and veggies.  I also started taking vitamins and supplements. One a Day Womens' for full coverage, a Biotin inclusive formula for skin, hair and nails and combo grape seed & resveratrol for heart and cholesterol (drinking a small glass of red wine would taste better, but then I get hungry and eat too much!)  I also started using a natural organic Lavender Shampoo that promised to strengthen my hair. 

Now that my hair has reached shoulder length plus, I have decided that because it is so thin, even though I have a lot, it still looks best a little shorter.  So I have my discount coupon  for a haircut and my box of hair color ready, and sometime in the next week I will once again try to capture a more  youthful look!

About the vitamins, I wish I could stick with a program.  I figure if I limit it to 3 or 4 pills an evening that I will be more likely to stay with it.  It's all about consistency and I know that, but it is also about discipline and I am still working on that!

Time to blow dry the locks and walk the dogs!

Ta Ta for now...