Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Colors of My Life

Well, back to the hair!  I was born blonde, and I have colored it most my adult life to maintain the blonde. Now I have to color it to hide the grey!  Then there's the constant upkeep to keep the roots blending in.  I color my own hair and have found a system that has worked up to now.  Why do I say that? Because I accidentally colored it the wrong color the last time.  How does that happen you ask!  Well, I usually vary the color from touch up to touch up to keep the color fairly natural looking. No one's hair is all one color after all.  The last time I clipped my coupons for the colorant, I bought an Ash Blonde and an Ash Brown.  I was planning on streaking the brown through my hair as sometimes it lightens up too much.  Well let me tell you!  Do you think I had my reading glasses on when I grabbed the box?  When I came out of the shower, my daughter asked me how come my hair was so brown.  I nearly died!  I looked liked my mom - not quite the effect I was looking for.  I love my mom, but she is 82 and I did not want to age myself.  So that was one of the few times I went to the beauty parlour to have it fixed.  I basically did the first half of a reverse weave myself.  It looked a lot better, but it was not the same.  This next round I will get it right!  

A really cool website for analyzing your skin and hair is  They have some great interactive analysis available step by step and I found it fun and useful  If you sign up at the end with your email, they will give you a $1.00 of any product coupon. I keep a special email address for just this reason so that my main mailbox isn't filled with advertisements.

Ta Ta for now...