Monday, August 24, 2015

CVS Extra Care Loyalty Card

If you don't have a CVS Extra Care Loyalty card, what are you waiting for?  I don't shop there that regularly, but between the 3 members of my family, I am sure that someone may stop in from time to time.

Once a week or so you will get an email with specials, promotions and discounts.  The best part is that you don't have to print the coupon, you can just elect to have it sent to your card electronically. That way, any member of your family who is shopping will automatically benefit.  I love this option!

If you have prescriptions filled here, or if you already shop here, then you may already know that you can earn ExtraBucks rewards to use as cash on purchases.  I say sign up wherever possible and use the savings available to you. Sometimes it's just nice to use those free rewards, coupons and discounts for something fun, like nail polish, gifts for your kids or grandkids, or treats for your pet!

Ta ta for money!