Saturday, May 31, 2014

The @HiddenCash Phenomenom & My HiddenCash Song!

By now you have probably heard about the man who started hiding cash around San Francisco and then tweeted the locations. It is a scavenger hunt for cash via Social Media that has everybody talking. His second stop was in San Jose, and then the Los Angeles area. Each envelope contains different amounts of cash, with a note to take a selfie with the cash, and then tweet it to @HiddenCash.

This anonymous gentleman is a wealthy California man whose goal  is a "social experiment for good."  He would like to see the money paid forward and shared. What a wonderful idea.

This philanthropic adventure is now being copied in Boulder, CO., Atlanta, GA., Kansas, Vancouver, Florida, Texas, and even the UK, with locations continuing to be added.

To join in this adventure at my own pace, I read this tweet and then decided to be silly and write a jingle! It was kind of fun and I am no musician, but look, he inspired me to do something. Kudos for that!

Some girl sent me a cute poem yesterday.Got me thinking-anyone want to write/sing a Hiddencash song? Put it on Youtube. This should be fun."

Happy Hunting - I hope you find envelopes stuffed with cash!

Ta ta for money (or find it!)