Thursday, February 20, 2014

Women - Never Buy Shaving Cream Again!

I absolutely hate running out of shaving cream! There was an article I read recently that suggested something truly radical, I tried it, and now I am sold!

What is this revolutionary product you ask? It's Hair Conditioners and Creme Rinses! I always have that in the shower!  How many times have you purchased a shampoo that included a conditioner? Or colored your hair and had extra conditioner left over? Or brought home a travel sized conditioner from that last hotel you stayed at?

Now you can put it to good use! I have thin hair and over conditioning just makes my hair look stringy and flat. But now I can save money on shaving creams, not waste the product I have and have hairless legs and underarms. Another benefit is it leaves your skin soft and smells lovely!

So remove the clutter from your shower by putting those extra conditioners to work for you. Your legs and wallet will also be happy!

Ta ta for money!