Thursday, January 23, 2014

Amber Lyn Sugar Free Chocolates!

I try very hard to never pay full price for any of my purchases.  If I can't find a coupon, I hope that the vendor at least participates with one of the shopping portals such as Upromise or AAdvantage Shopping.

It was time to order some more Sugar Free Chocolates that I had sampled and purchased at Costco a while back. My husband is diabetic and loves sweets, so these were a good fit. They offer sugar free, no sugar added and gluten free products. With my first purchase I went through the American Diabetes Wholesale website and found a good price there, then signed up for an email account which got me another discount.

This time, I decided to buy direct from the manufacturer, Amber Lyn Chocolates

For this week only, they are offering 15% off of their Bites! Just use the promo code "TakeABite" to activate the offer. You will have to join their Cravers Club which is  free with an email sign up. Here is just one of the benefits- "Free Item With First Purchase! That's right, when you use your 15% off coupon code (which will be emailed after sign up) you will also receive a free item with your purchase!"

So just put your patience hat on when you shop online. If you try the regular sources for discounts and coupons such as RetailMeNot, Brads Deals or Coupon Mom and you come up short, there's always a pretty good chance the manufacturer will give you a coupon for just giving them your email (you can always unsubscribe later). 

My method of payment is my credit card that offers me money back on every purchase. So from beginning to end I am always trying to maximize my savings on everything I buy!

Ta ta for money!