Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Cord Nevers" Drop Paid TV

I read about this a couple of weeks ago.  2014 will probably be the first year that pay tv subscriptions will decline. The answer is obvious, there are more choices through streaming and internet. 

A person can customize their own viewing habits by maybe subscribing to one service such as Netflix (7.99 a month plus one month free), Hulu (7.99 a month plus one week free) or Amazon (rent a movie or show for $1.99 and up).

You can watch most television shows the day after they air for free right on your computer on the network's website!  So you may be one of the many who are dumping their cable and satellite companies and just relying on your internet service to bring you valued entertainment!

For me, well I don't watch much tv but my husband does. But very soon I am planning on calling my satellite company to ask to be dropped so that I can talk to the retention department and get my bill lower!

Ta ta for money!