Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Setting up an Apartment Inexpensively

Well, once again I have had to move my daughter. First home from college in Chicago, and now into Los Angeles to start life as a grown up!

One would think it would be easier the closer one is, but not in all cases. Take the bedroom for example. If I took the most economical route by moving the bed she currently has, not only would she be sleeping in a twin in her new apartment, when she comes home to visit there would be nowhere for her to sleep!

Not ever having seen the space, and hearing her tell me how small the room is, we decided that a platform bed would work best for several reasons. One, I only had to buy a mattress, not a box spring and two we found a bed design  that had storage drawers underneath. I found a very good price on the mattress at the Sears Outlet Store near me. I found the best price on the bed from Wayfair. Yes it came in 3 boxes and it took us about 3 hours to assemble, but it was kind of fun and we shared a few giggles.

I pulled a couple of childhood dressers down from the attic and we went to work sanding, painting and distressing them. Add a few cool knobs from World Market (in store they were all on sale) and you get a whole new grown up look! I also found an awesome steamer trunk at a home consignment store for under $100.00, so now she probably has more drawers than she knows what to do with!

Of course we pulled towels, sheets, bedding and such from what we had at home. I went shopping in my closets for cleaning supplies. I did have to spring for a vacuum, but thanks to Costco I got a good price on a suitable machine that had an instant coupon discount.

I know that we still have a long way to go with the bedroom, but she is sharing expenses with a roommate who moved in first, and already has most everything in the living room and kitchen. So for a change, maybe I can keep moving expenses down!

Ta ta for now...save money!